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Best Bird Bath Heater (2024)

If you are a bird lover, you might already know that a heated bird bath in the winter season can be a major attraction for feathery cuties. 


Sadly, during the freezing winters, bird baths change from peaceful pools of water to solid blocks of ice. 🙁 But you’re not helpless here because a decent bird bath heater or de-icer will do so just fine!

However, there are thousands of inadequate products online, and you’d want to avoid those and instead choose the best option for your needs.

My favorite is the API Bucket bird bath heater because of its versatile features, but you can go for any product that fulfills quality parameters and is affordable.

My Picks For The Best Bird Bath Heaters & De-Icers In The Market

Here are some of the heated bird baths and de-icers that you can find on online stores to make your birdbath a welcoming place for your feathery little guests:

1. API Bucket Birdbath De-Icer – Overall Best

API Bucket or Bird Bath Deicer Pail and Bird Bath De-Icer, 200 Watt (Item No. 250D)

The built-in and ease of managing thermostats is the core reason why most bird bath owners prefer the API Bucket Birdbath De-Icer, even if it costs a bit higher in terms of power usage. These bird bath heaters come with adjustable clamps that allow mounting the de-icer to the bath.

The product is durable and can last you several years without any problem.

It comes with a 6 feet long cord that makes it easier to install and use the de-icer and can quickly melt the ice in birdbaths even in freezing weather.


  • 6 feet long cord
  • Versatile and safe for all types  and sizes of bird baths
  • Conserves energy using the thermostat
  • The cord has an anti-chew protector
  • Easy to manage with adjustable clamps


  • It is comparatively pricier than other options on this list
  • It also creates a calcium deposit with time


The API Bucket Birdbath De-Icer is an excellent option for anyone seeking the best performance for a reasonable price, although it is not the cheapest one.


2. K&H Super Ice Eliminator – Best Energy Saver

K&H Pet Products Ice Eliminator Super Birdbath Deicer Natural 4.5" x 6.5" 80W

K&H Super Ice Eliminator is one of the best energy-efficient options for bird bath heaters, readily available in online stores for a lot of backyard birds. The unique design used as low as 50 watts to keep the standard sized bird bath from freezing over. For a larger bird bath, you can use the de-icer at 90 watts.

With such a minimum power input requirement, this bird bath heater can work wonders even at below-zero temperatures.

The sturdy aluminum housing allows you to spray paint to match the birdbath's existing style or color.

Meanwhile, the 18" cord keeps the unit from falling off the bird bath.


  • Sturdy and tough enamel finish
  • Thermostatic control
  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-rusting material
  • It leaves no stains in the birdbath
  • Ease of personalization
  • Lower energy usage


  • Comes with a short cord
  • Can be a bit heavy to install in many plastic birdbaths


The K&H bird bath heater is cheaper yet of high quality. It is highly durable and can operate at a competitively lower cost than other bird bath heater options available in the market.


3. Farm Innovators Birdbath Heaters – Best Heavy Duty Heater

Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De-Icer, 150-Watt

These devices operate at 150 watts, which means they will consume more energy than competing options available in the market. 

They are ideal for larger bird bath heaters or the ones installed in freezing places.

So if you’re living in an area where the temperature falls dangerously low, Farm Innovators is the best bird bath heater to meet all your needs. These heaters are also efficient in working on more than one adjacent bird bath at a time.

However, they have patented cast aluminum, so don’t use them for plastic birdbaths.


  • Made with patented cast aluminum benefits
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Can liquefy larger birdbaths that hold up to 25 gallons of water
  • Can work fine in temperatures below -40 degrees


  • These heaters are prone to building up impurities over the time
  • Not suitable for small-sized and lightweight bird baths


These bird bath heaters are ideal when you need more than one de-icer to do the task. So if you own a large-sized birdbath or live in a freezing area, Farm Innovators Birdbath Heater will be ideal for you.


How To Choose The Right Birdbath Heater?

Keeping in mind the demand and effectiveness of birdbaths in a garden, hundreds of brands offer high-quality and premium-grade heaters.

When it comes to buying the best birdbath heater, look at the top bird bath heater reviews and consider the following pointer as you make a final decision.


For a standard-sized birdbath, a heater or de-icer with a 50 watts operational voltage is enough. However, there are special conditions like extreme temperature to huge birdbaths that will demand more wattage to operate appropriately.

The Birdbath Size

For optimum performance, know what size-to-mechanical specifications of the de-icer will be able to do the job efficiently. Keep in mind that the size of the bird bath matters more than you realize. 

Buying a product too big or too small will indeed have a negative impact on the performance of the bird bath device and the results generated.

The Cord

Although there is nothing much you can do about the cords. It is still worth checking the length of the built-in cord that will come with the bird bath heater you are about to buy. If the cord is long enough to reach the power source, it will save you from a world of hurt.


For a bird bath de-icer, you need to invest in a highly reputable brand. This will not only ensure peak performance but will keep the birds safe. 

Besides investing in premium-quality and branded items that offer impressive results, you will free yourself from the obligation of tirelessly making further purchases in years to come.


Remember that the best birdbath heater will always come with a thermostat. They will help you control the temperature in the birdbath. This thermostat will also help you to keep control of your bills. It will automatically turn down the heater when it is not needed, thus preventing overheating.

Read more about the heated bird bath to learn why birds, most especially hummingbirds, like them!

Why Are Birdbath Heaters Essential?

Providing fresh and cozily warm water all year long with a bird bath heater is the best way to attract the little winged mirages of nature. It will also allow you to experience a greater diversity of birds that will visit your birdbath than your feeders.

It is mainly because all types of birds need a clean place to bathe and quench their thirst. Whereas only a small number of bird species are considered feeder birds, they will visit your place to eat food and may take a brief dip.

A birdbath heater is a welcoming gesture, and the birds will get all the help to survive in cold weather.


This way, your guest won't have to spend a lot of energy searching for warmth and freshwater when the temperature drops.

So if you are a bird lover, a birdbath de-icer is a must-have to keep your feathery chirping friends visiting you through the year.

By the way, a birdbath heater or de-icer is a quintessential heating component that will keep the water 100% liquid, even in freezing weather. From that, I’m sure you can imagine why this is so important for our feathered friends. 

How To Test The Heater?

You can test the heater by putting it in the freezer for about an hour. After 40 to 60 minutes, take the heater out of the freezer and wipe out all the moisture. Then plug it in immediately and place it in the water-filled birdbath.

Two or three minutes will be enough to test the performance. Now check the water manually or use a thermometer to see if the water in the birdbath warms up or not. If the heater is working fine, the bath's water should be perfectly warm, neither cold nor boiling.

What To Do If The Heater Is Not Working?

Just like any other device, you need to keep the heater clean for proper working, thus adding years to the life of the heater. If your old heater is not delivering the expected results, you might need to do a small cleaning ritual.

You can simply clean off the deposits by soaking the heater in a vinegar-water solution.

A few minutes of soaking will soften all the impurities and bring them out of the smallest pore or corner in your de-icer. After soaking, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub off all the remaining deposits.

It is important to clean off all the impurities before you start using your heater and after the season ends. If you don’t do this on time, it might cause damage to the heater, and you might not be able to use it the next year.

Before wrapping things up, here’s a cheerful and rather inspiring YouTube video showing a bunch of bush-tits enjoying a birdbath:


For me, the best birdbath heater featuring higher multi-tasking abilities is the API Bucket Birdbath De-icer. But if you are looking for an energy-efficient option, find something like K&H Super Ice Eliminator. However, the thermostat must be a part of the heater you are planning to purchase in any case.

Also, having adjustable clamps, a cord with enough length and a protective layer can ensure that the heater will perform well in most weather conditions and stay with you for years to come.

Products like the API Bucket Birdbath De-icer are also ideal for conserving energy and avoiding any sort of electric mishap as they are submerged in the water.

Let’s hear from you in the comments section below!

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