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5 Best Suet Feeders For Any Type Of Weather (in 2024)

yellow and blue bird on a blue bird feeder

Have you been looking for the best Suet Feeders to keep in your yard to make it a hot zone for woodpeckers and other loving birds?

Not a problem.

There are many types of suet feeders all over the internet which will help you attract a variety of suet-loving birds. That’s true, but it can be daunting to find the right one that suits your needs and expectations as they vary in several factors.

So we compiled it all here in this comprehensive guide to help you narrow down your choices and finally find the best suet feeders for your yard. 

My personal favorite is Stokes Select Double Cake Suet Feeder, which is why it made it to the top of my list. That being said, I’ll tell you the reasons why, shortly.

5 Best Suet Bird Feeders Reviewed

1. Stokes Select Double Suet Cakes Feeder – Best Overall

More Birds 38070 Stokes Select Double Feeder with Metal Roof, Two Suet Capaci, Cakes, Black

Stokes Select Double Cake is the best bird suet feeder as it offers a very comfortable place for suet-loving birds to feed with its all-around functionality.

My best double suet feeder has room for 2 Suet cakes which saves you the stress of having to refill it regularly. It’s truly a time saver.

Another awesome feature of this double suet feeder is its amazing roof which is made up of metal that protects the suet from the elements.

Wait, it doesn’t end there because it has a grid design which makes a good attraction to cling to it and have a wonderful dining experience.

The sleek design is of the highest quality, which makes it rust-free and weatherproof.

It also has a double-side cage which allows multiple birds to enjoy feeding on both sides at the same time.

It’s reasonably priced with such durability when compared to other brands. This explains why this is my best Suet feeder and takes the top spot for this review.


  • Accommodates 2 suet cakes
  • Durable
  • Squirrel-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • It may not be resistant to very strong winds


It has several amazing features and a downside that is easily negligible, which makes it the perfect suet feeder for all birdwatchers without breaking the bank.

In other words, whether you’re new to bird watching or an expert at it, this is the perfect bird feeder for you to attract suet-loving birds.


2. Kettle Moraine Suet Cakes Feeder– Best Window Type

Kettle Moraine Window Mount Single Suet Cake Woodpecker Bird Feeder

The Kettle Moraine Window Mount Suet Feeder is an awesome feeder that brings the whole bird-watching experience right at your window.

It has strong suction cups that hold the feeder firmly in place even with more birds fighting over the nutritious suet cakes at the same time.

While this feeder mainly attracts smaller birds, it’s very easy to install as you just need to clean the window thoroughly before mounting it. Also, refilling and cleaning the feeder is a breeze.


Other bully animals can destroy the suet cake feeder.

One way to solve this is to serve hot pepper suet which these bullies don’t fancy at all. 

Despite its small capacity, this Suet feeder is a great choice for a closer viewing experience.


  • Easy refill
  • Simple design
  • Strong suction cups
  • Closer viewing experience


  • Small capacity


Awesome design, affordable price, and simple to install describe — that's how to describe this suet cake feeder that goes by the name Kettle Moraine Window Feeder. Birders who live in apartment buildings would really love this awesome window suet feeder.


3. Birds Choice 2-Cake Suet Feeder – Best for Large Birds

Birds Choice 2-Cake Pileated Suet Feeder with Green Top

The 2-Cake Pileated Suet Feeder comes with a unique design that is made from recycled plastics that won’t easily break or warp. 

As the name implies, it is designed to attract large pileated woodpeckers as well as smaller birds.

It has a 2-suet cakes capacity making it possible for more birds to enjoy feeding time from either side of it.


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Squirrel-proof


  • Pricey


Despite being designed for a particular bird in mind, it is also inviting to other types of birds that love suet. It’s made with durable recycled plastic that’s also a great bang for your buck.


4. Woodlink Large Premier – Best Value Buy

Woodlink Going Green Large Premier Bird Feeder With Suet Cages Model GGPRO2

The Woodlink Large Premier Bird Feeder is undoubtedly the most expensive Suet feeder on this list, but it’s definitely worth the price tag as it has a variety of amazing features which makes it possible to attract birds of all kinds.

The cages are sturdy and securely screwed to the hopper feeder to last for years. The screen base allows proper drainage and aeration of bird seeds.

If you want a variety of birds in your yard and have a few more to spare, the Woodlink Large Premier Bird Feeders is worth it, which explains why it is a favorite of many birdwatchers.


  • Large capacity
  • Multi-feeder design
  • Has a roof that protects feed from weather elements
  • Makes cleaning and refilling easy
  • Screen base allows for drainage


  • Pricey
  • Attracts bully birds


Attracting a variety of birds into your yard spells fun and if you fancy that, this is the right suet feeder for you. It’s got a higher price tag, but considering the added features, I’m sure it’s well worth the price.


5. Stokes Select Single Suet Feeder – Best Budget Option

More Birds 38092 Suet Feeder, Single Cake, black

If you’re looking for a reliable suet feeder with a limited budget, then the Stokes Select Single Suet Feeder is the perfect choice for you.

Its simple design makes it easier to clean and maintain.

While you may be wondering if this suet feeder is going to last considering its cheap price, on the contrary, it’s made to last as it’s made of coated steel making it durable.

Also, it has a double locking system that keeps the suet from falling out when the birds rally to get all filled up.

It is worthy to note that many users have complained about its lock system becoming compromised after few months.

This means that there are some areas where the construction isn’t as perfect. But then, buying it few times a year or getting a few more spare ones won’t hurt as it is has a low price tag.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great bang for the buck


  • Small capacity
  • May get blown off by strong winds


Considering its price tag, replacing it a few times a year won’t hurt as its reliable features cover-up for its cheap design.


What’s Good About Suet?

Suet is mainly comprised of rendered fat made from kidneys or the lions of beef and sometimes mixed with other nutritious ingredients such as grains, fruits, or dried insects.  

It’s very high in calories and a very great energy source to provide for woodpecker feeders. And to keep our woodpecker friends happy, suet is the best choice.

Given that, suet is rich in fatty tissue and can become very messy if served on other feeders which can make it a hell of a job to clean properly. That explains the need for a suet feeder that can hold suet properly. 

Have you ever thought of making some homemade suet? I’m actually thinking about it. 🙂

How To Choose The Right Suet Feeder

The ideal suet feeder is usually strong enough to withstand weather elements (sun, snow, and rain), well-protected to provide shelter to the suet which will prevent it from melting and turning rancid as well as easy to install and set up even if you’re a newbie bird lover.

To attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard, provide several different feeder types offering a variety of foods.

downy woodpecker on a bird feeder

Types Of Suet Feeders

Because of the awesome nature of the best bird suet feeders, they come in different variations with each of them providing a different solution regarding attracting awesome birds to the feeder.

A good rule of thumb is to have a combination of these suet feeders to ensure bully birds and dangerous wildlife are kept at bay.

Having said that, here’s a rundown of the different types of suet feeders:

Suet Cages

Suet cages are the most popular type of suet feeders as it’s very common and readily available.

They are made from coated wiring (which could be metal or plastic) and are best used by hanging them independently or attaching them to other feeders.

It usually comes with tail props for suet birds to easily cling on it, and covers to protect the suet from bully birds and predators.

Suet Logs

These are logs with already drilled holes to make it a Suet feeder. Plugs are inserted into the holes of a suet log feeder so birds can cling to the wood which provides a natural form of perch and keeps the suet dry and safe. 

Mesh Bags

This type of suet feeder is suitable for small suet-loving birds like nuthatches and tits. 

The mesh bag is hung and filled with suet for birds to enjoy. The bag is usually made from recyclable materials. They can be filled with suet cakes, grains, chunks, or balls without needing a particular size and provides the perfect spot for small clinging Suet birds.

Open trays 

Tray feeder is a great way to introduce suet to birds that aren’t used to it and to a larger variety of birds. Leftovers, chunks, pellets are made for tray feeders and can be spread about by larger birds since it’s very vulnerable to bully birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.

It’s generally used to introduce birds to Suet that are not used to it.

Tips For Maintaining Your Suet Feeder

black and brown woodpecker on a bird feeder

Maintaining your Suet feeder is very paramount to ensuring that your birds are healthy and free from diseases.

Here’s a checklist to ensuring your birds have a great dining experience from the Suet feeder:

Place The Suet Properly

If you are feeding the birds suet in warmer temperatures, place the feeder in shady or cooler areas to prevent the suet from melting and turning rancid which can be harmful to birds.

Always Keep The Feeder Clean

It goes without saying that a healthy environment is essential for the optimum growth of any creature and this is no exception.

Always wash the feeder properly before refilling it. However, if the Suet has totally melted, it’s best to soak it in hot water and wash it with soap to ensure that it is free from any bacteria.

Do Not Use Bleach

When washing the Suet feeder, do not use bleach as it may chase the birds away if it’s not rinsed thoroughly. Instead, make use of soap or other natural cleaners to wash and rinse it thoroughly.

Choose Your Location Carefully

It goes without saying that feeders require frequent refilling and cleaning which means you must ensure you choose a location for the Suet feeder that you can easily check when necessary. 

The easier the Suet feeder is for you to get to, the more likely you’re to maintain it properly.

I always ensure my Suet feeder is placed well above window ledges and away from gutters which can give squirrels a chance to grab it. 

You can easily do this by hanging the feeder on a free-standing pole which makes it less likely possible for squirrels to chomp on the suet.

Make sure you hang the suet feeder at least 6-7 feet above the ground as well as 13-16 feet away from any tree, gutter or any place at all that squirrels and other bully birds can get to. 

Now, before I get this into a wrap, let’s watch some suet-feeding frenzy!


Finding the perfect Suet feeder that meets your need should be easier now after reading this article as I’ve highlighted several options for you.

Stokes Select Double Cake Suet Feeder is my top recommendation. It accommodates 2 blocks of suet, has a roof that provides a shade, thus keeping the suet from spoiling. On top of that, it offers a clear view, both of the birds and the suet to keep you entertained.

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