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Sphere Hummingbird Feeder - lovethebirds

Sphere Hummingbird Feeder

Sphere Hummingbird Feeder



Want to attract those beautiful hummingbirds to your yard?

This hummingbird feeder is made of recycled glass and metal.

Lid has 4 holes. 

Simply lift the glass lid and pour hummingbird nectar into the dish.

During the winter, store away the hummingbird lid and it will become a feeder without drainage and is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly, or suet pellet container.

It will attract many song birds such as Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and many more depending on your location and season. Use a single feeder or link them to each other to feed a larger crowd! Gift box included.


4.00L x 6.25W x 6.75H